Patented Wood Floor refinishing (Wet Sand)



Questions & Answers for Mr. Sandman’s New Refinish Solution (NRS)

A patented solution that in combination with sanding, penetrates deep into damaged wood pores enabling refinishing without repair.

Wet sanding is designed to remediate all types of damage in a way that preserves the wood without repair while adding more protection with an updated and customized polyurethane finish system.

Yes, two examples. The first one is like when a car owner rubs a special wax on the faded car and VIOLA; it looks like it just had a new paint job. But you know what? The car still has those dents that were previously there, but now it is sealed and protected. Much like NRS refinishing, some character from any damage may remain, but the life of the finish system is prolonged!

A second analogy is blacktopping a driveway. You’ve provided the necessary maintenance, sealed the cracks, you’ve improved it cosmetically and it is ready for service. You may still see indelible “character” marks but it now has more protection.

Usually it is completed within 48 hours compared to 3-5 days for the traditional dry sanding method. 

No. In fact, the New Refinish Solution can be used to refinish ANY wood surface. Think wood trim and baseboards, balusters and railings, window seats, cabinetry, bar

Generally speaking will be less than the cost of the traditional. Each project is different and it depends on the amount of damage that needs corrected. Sometimes additional work is necessary and that can add to the cost. It also depends upon clients understanding and expectations of the potential outcome as well as budget.

Yes, it is very unique and it is why the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the patent in January 2019. This system is proprietary to Mr. Sandman, Inc. is currently only available for use on your project when we perform the service. However, licensing opportunities are available. Call our office for more information.

Yes. There is a photo gallery on my website, but these are mostly finished projects. If you click the link to our Facebook page (and you don’t need to be a Facebook user to view them) you will be directed to our page where you can view Before

Yes. The New Refinish Solution is perfect for refinishing pre-finished floors for a couple of reasons. First, prefinished are factory finished and will vary greatly in look once dry sanded. Second, the eased or beveled edges become uneven when dry sanded. It will never look quite like it did out of the box. Very thin or engineered floor that cannot by dry sanded and are ideal for the NRS.

Generally speaking, yes, however, every job site varies. Details are always provided prior to the start of the job, particularly in regards to finishing protocols.

None of those companies use a patented system, nor come from wood refinishing backgrounds and none of them sand the wood! Experts acknowledge that in order to guarantee adhesion that chemical combined with mechanical will give superior results; while other companies only use chemical (not mechanical). Mr. Sandman, Inc. is the only company that uses mechanical sanding in conjunction with a liquid solution to guarantee adhesion and superior results.

No, the floor will remain its original color and the color of the floor will not change.

Now accepting licenses to use Mr. Sandman’s New Refinish Solution (NRS).

To use for home refinishing on furniture, cabinetry, moldings, staircases, etc.

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