Traditional Wood Floor Refinishing (Dry Sand)


What to Expect.
With most of our refinishing or repair work, you can expect some minor paint touch-up along your baseboard edge. This is especially true for projects where your floor will need to be stained.

Regardless of the type of project, it is important to remember that Mr. Sandman’s floors are NO WAX floors and only a damp mop should be used to clean them. With this in mind, use the cleaning kit provided and all strategies provided to protect your investment.

Dust Control.
Unique, modified systems proprietary to Mr. Sandman Inc. are used to ensure a virtually dust free environment. High-powered vacuums are positioned to collect even the finest dust particles. Dust control is standard procedure on all of our sand and finish, install, repair and molding work.

Odor Control.
Incorporating high velocity exhaust fans on timers to evacuate solvents at their maximum time of solvent release we are able to minimize odors. In addition to the exhaust fans, industrial carbon air scrubbers, and commercial air scrubbers on timers, are utilized to further clean the air. This combination facilitates fast curing and limited residual odor.

* Only used with solvent stains or finishes.

*Keep in mind that each home and individual is unique. Odor control is effective but may not be adequate for highly sensitive people. We make adjustments by adding additional odor control when needed. All finishes are VOC compliant. all finishes release harmful solvents. Mr. Sandman can explain finish systems, advantages/disadvantages like no other in the field.