Professionalism? “Promptness to call for help.”

Workmanship? “Very good considering the workers had to contend with poor workmanship (as well as violent behavior) from Montes’ Hardwood Floors that we let go without finishing job. Violent behavior was to two elderly customers that were afraid, not to Sandman Workmen.”

Timeliness? “Very prompt to install hardwood floors and refinishing them.”

Dustless? “Very good.”

Odor Control? “Very good – kept bringing venting fans.”

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? “Recommended by Matt Page Construction. He suggested three companies. One for floors, one for cabinet refinishing, and one for counter tops. We used all three and, if other two do as well as sandman we will be pleased.”

Comments or Suggestions: “Word of mouth is best advertisement. One neighbor came to get help at his home for small job. Saw sign and truck. Suggest signs be left at all finished jobs. They came back to touch-up where flooring had flaws left by Montes’. Thank you”