Professionalism? “Excellent”

Workmanship? “Excellent”

Timeliness? “Very concerned about exact time. We had a phone call to tell us of a delay in stairs. They made a special trip to finish a minor detail on Memorial Day.”

Dustless? “There was very little dust. We were very satisfied about the small amount of cleaning that needed to be done after the work was done.”

Odor Control? “We feel the odor control was the best that could be done. We were away for sleeping three nights but were able to return the nights after he finished.”

Why did you choose MR. SANDMAN? “We had seen the work done by Mr. Sandman. Our son had this company do his floors and was very satisfied. He was impressed with the quality of the work and the concern for all details.”

Comments or Suggestions: “We highly recommend your company and have already told several people about the quality of everything you do. It would seem to me that it would be hard to improve in what you do.”