All Under One Roof.
With everything from one day refinishing to sanding and finishing, Mr. Sandman is the obvious choice for all your hardwood flooring needs. To ensure that your new floor installation, repair or refinishing project is as pleasant as possible, Mr. Sandman, offers dust and odor control systems. Cleaning kits and protectors are provided to protect and maintain your investment.

Lifetime Guarantee*
Finish guaranteed from:
  • Chipping
  • Peeling
  • Cracking
*Please remember to only use very little water or a cleaner that is safe on polyurethane to prevent voiding your warranty. Consult your local Mr. Sandman with any questions.

Mark-Free Sand Guarantee**
** NWFA Guidelines Apply

Dust/Dirt Guarantee***
***There will be no dust or dirt generated by our equipment in your house or in your floor finish.

Need products? Contact Mr. Sandman for all your wood floor supplies such as cleaning kits and protectors.

Let your imagination set the limit with our wide selection of high-quality stains. Regardless of whether it is a new installation, refinishing or matching a color for a repair, we have the exact stain for your specific job.

Stains Color Wheel.

Place your cursor over the color wheel to the left and the finish color will display below.

Experienced Professionals
Offering Dust-Free, Mark-Free Sanding Methods and Odor Control Systems.
Newly sanded and finished floor? Preserve its value with Mr. Sandman's One Day Refinishing.
Water, Pet, Insect Damage? Mr. Sandman can make your floor look new once again.
Quality Materials installed with expert craftsmanship.

Concerned About Safety?
With Mr. Sandman, rest assured that you and your loved ones will be safe from any harmful chemicals or dust during our visit to your home.

Using specialized equipment that allows virtually dust-free sanding, and odor control we are able to control many of the hazards during installation, repair or refinishing. Many older finishes used up through 1986 contained some small amounts of lead.

When our workers are done and your project is complete, your floors will be completely sealed and ready for everyday use. Children and pets are safe from ingesting any harmful materials from the floor and contact with skin is perfectly harmless.
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